Council rescinds decision after BirdLife advocacy

After persuasive, science-based advocacy from BirdLife Australia, Shoalhaven Council recently rescinded a motion to allow a 12-month trial of a 24/7 off-leash zone at Cudmirrah Beach, Sussex Inlet, due to the adverse effects that unleashed dogs would have on the beach-nesting birds that live there, particularly the small local population of Hooded Plovers. Disturbance from free-running dogs is a major threat to the survival of these shorebirds.

The Hooded Plover is classified as Critically Endangered in New South Wales, with a total population of just 65 birds in the Shoalhaven.

“Cudmirrah is at the northern end of the Hooded Plover nesting range,” said Councillor Kaye Gartner, who opposed the original motion. “These birds are a significant part of our culture and heritage.”

“We are lucky to still have this bird in our world and we want to keep it that way.”